Origami awareness

Del innlegget

Text: Isabella 9A
Photo: Amalie 9B

At St. Paul school’s library, creative and hardworking students are gathered to make origami and other crafts for Laudato Si day.

The ideas behind making origami in this important day, are recycling and raising awareness. The paper used to make the origamis are from old, forgotten books and encyclopaedias. Instead of throwing them out, teachers had the wonderful idea to recycle them. Each student at the library makes as many origamis as they can, for at the end, they all have a special purpose.

The group’s goal is to make a thousand origamis during the school day. At the end of the day, all of them are brought to the arena at the first floor of the school and hung up on the roof. They are to be used not only as decorations, but to raise awareness of climate change and other issues. Some describe them as symbols of hope and a reminder to do better.

Students define this experience as calming. They claim they are learning to be patient and that working slowly, but affectively is a great way to do it.

I spent hours with the dedicated students and interviewed some of them.

How does it feel to know you’re helping?

– It feels nice! There is a lot of garbage going to the ocean and to be a part of a bigger cause to stop it is amazing, says Sophie 8B

– It’s a great way to help our planet in our own way and have fun while doing it, says Elena Maria 9B

– The idea that for every crane you are folding, is a pray for good fortune and good wish for a bright future is beautiful. And it is even more beautiful to think that an old encyclopaedia that is filled with knowledge of the past and present is now reincarnated to a piece of art. Maybe it could be a reminder to take care of the environment, says Elizabeth, math teacher.