Short stories – påsken 2023

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Er du i ordentlig påskehumør og lysten på å lese noen digge historier? Eller kanskje ønsker du å komme i påskehumør og trenger litt god litteratur for finne den rette stemningen?  Ja, da er det bare til å klikke videre på kryssene under. I samlingen her finner du 12 kreative og spennende noveller skrevet av elever i 9a.

Sett deg godt til rette og nyt!


John is a man who entered a mysterious experiment for a quick buck. He soon finds out how amazing it really is. it involved literally being in a dream, and reporting to scientists. however, he has not yet learned the consequences of blurring the lines between dream and reality.


THE EXPERIMENT by Martin Dyvik Cardona

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The beautiful gardens swept by him, as John flew through them, smelling the fresh summer grass and leaves. He barely thought about the fact that he was in a scientific experiment. He was dreaming away, as all of his problems faded into nothing.

He was suddenly interrupted from his trance, by a loud, booming voice, saying: “Subject 003, please maintain focus. This is important.” John felt annoyed, but asked in a friendly voice: “Okay, but what is it exactly that I have to do?” he said. “Focus on your surroundings,” the loud voice said. “Is there anything out of the ordinary?” “Other than the fact that it feels like heaven? No.” John replied. It was so lifelike, John could barely believe that this was a dream.

He landed softly in the grass and as he was walking along the unimaginable beautiful nature, he encountered a small animal of sorts. It was like a small puppy, with two big eyes. John was ecstatic to see such a being, as he had seen no other creatures in this place. He reached out to pet it, but before he could do so, he was startled by the voice again saying: “Do not touch that, 003.” “Why not?” John asked. “We have encountered an instability in the system. That creature is not supposed to be there.” the voice said. “It’s a small puppy,” John said. “What harm could it possibly do?” “More than you could imagine. If anything at all strays from this pre-planned expedition, you could be permanently locked in this dream state, and there would be no way to get you out.” The voice said in a serious tone. “Okay then,” John said as he slowly backed away from the puppy.

He had agreed to a dream experiment for a few bucks, not this. The contract had said nothing about potentially being locked in it forever. Well- he wouldn’t know, as he hadn’t really read it. He guessed it was a lesson for next time, if there ever was one. For now, all he had to do was to focus on his surroundings and report to the scientists.

After a few minutes, or hours, or days – he wouldn’t know; time works differently in dreams – he was done doing tests of all sorts, like using trees to chop down axes, or flying as high as he could, or summoning all kinds of objects and items. He was tired, even though he was technically sleeping.

003, it seems that the instability has spread and grown bigger. Please refrain from interacting with anything that seems not normal.” “Got it.” john said, his worry increasing.

He reached a big hill, and as he got to the top, he could look down at a vast grassland filled with mystical creatures. “Wow, the designers on your guys’ team are good at their jobs.” He said. “We know, the landscaping took a big portion of our budget.” The scientist responded.

“No, the creatures. they’re really cool.” This time, the scientist didn’t respond. There was a long pause before the scientist finally said: “Turn around, and leave. Now.” John was confused. “what? I complimented you!” “The instability has grown too big to proceed. Initiating extraction procedure.” “Wait! Why?” His worry was turning to panic. “003, How many creatures do you see?

“I don’t know, it’s a big herd!”

it’s worse than we thought. Initiating extraction procedure.




But nothing happened. John was still there, on that hill, looking down at the weird creatures.

“am I supposed to be awake right now?” he asked. No reply. “Hello?”


Dette er en klassisk kjærlighetshistorie som forteller oss om to ungdommer som på magisk hvis har funnet hverandre i en fortvilende og utmattende verden. Det viktigste disse to ungdommene har er hverandre.



Del innlegget


“I will always love u” those were the words of his last text. The text he sends at 2 am, while I am still dreaming. I wonder what happened; I wonder if he is, ok?

I first saw him at the library, my first thought was how peaceful he looked. Like he is in a different world than me. He is not classically handsome; he was like art. Art that makes you want to look at him forever, not because he is pretty, but his looks tell a story. If u look at him long enough, you could start to feel the peace, like he had let you into his world of kindness and silence. I walked towards him, slowly. I could feel the nervousness in my body leave as he looked at me and smiled. He did not say anything, but he moved his backpack slowly away from the seat next to him. I sat down and pulled a book up from my backpack. Then he lifted his eyes slowly away from his book and at me. He had the same look as I, but as his eyes looked down from my face his eyes locked at my book. He opened his mouth to say something, but no words came out. His eyes were almond brown and had a soft look. He took out a page out of his book and wrote something on the paper. I couldn’t really read what he wrote because of his bad handwriting, but he had a huge smile, so I assumed it was good. I turned the paper over and there was a number.

My father has been sick for a while, today he took his last breath. He wasn’t a good person, so I’m not devastated but a little in shock. Suddenly I can feel my phone vibrating in my pocket, he is calling me. I take a few seconds to decide if I am going to answer him or just lay in my bed, numb. I decided to answer his and act normal. “Do you want to talk about it” he asked with a calm voice. “Talk about what” I asked nervously. “I can hear your voice trembling. I can hear something up, tell me” I looked around my room, my mind is full of questions with no answers. “My dad died” I said after a few seconds of silence. “Really??” he said. “yeah” I answered. Suddenly I can feel my phone vibrating, I look up and see that he is trying to facetime me. “I look ugly, like I have been hit by a bus or something” I say with all the confidence I have. “Stop, just let me see your face” he says calmly. I press the green button “accept call”. The first thing I noticed about his face is the eyes, the beautiful eyes, the way he looks at me. “You look fine. Now tell me everything” he said.

After that one night, he was the only thing that cheered me up. Today he asked me to come over and have a movie night. Of course, I said yes. We lay on the sofa and watch harry potter. After a few hours he starts to act weird, he goes into the bathroom and stays there for at least 1 ½ hours before I started to knock on the door. He opened the lock after about 5 minutes of me trying to talk to him. There he was, on the bathroom floor full of tears. His face was all puffy and his eyes were filled with tears. Then he started to explain. He explained how his parents didn’t really like him, and his crocked nose is from when his dad used to hit him in the face when he didn’t cook him food. I tried to comfort him the best I could. We walked into his room; he was still crying but I figured he could not stay on the floor. At this point we were lying in his bed, his arms wrapped around me and my hands stroking his hair.

This weekend he is going to Italy for the funeral of his grandmother. I text him all the time, while I’m home. I caught him doing something weird last night, he had bought my favorite book and started to write in it. That’s the book I first saw him read in the library, that’s like our book. So, he went away. On the way to the funeral, I got a weird text. We have crazy different time zones, so I got this at 2 am. I saw my phone buzz but didn’t check and fell asleep again. The text was “I will always love you”.

From his perspective: I have just landed in Italy, God how I love the sun. We walked for about 20 minutes before we ended up in a car lot and started to drive. We drove to my grandfather’s house and slept there for 2 days. We have finally left for the funeral, and I feel my phone beeping and I have a message from her. god how I miss her, the positive side is that I can facetime her all I want after this. I am feeling sentimental so I text her “I will always love you”. I’m not a fan of funerals, it is nice to honor someone you love but I never really knew my grandparents since I live in another country. She was nice, so it is still a very sad day. It’s quite a long drive to the church, about 1 hour by car. There are just 15 minutes left and my mom starts to sob, I try to talk to her but no answer. She starts to drive another way; she turns to me and looked me straight in the eyes and tells me the car is broken. She can’t stop. And we drive straight into a huge pond. I don’t want to die. The water is rising inside the car and is now at my throat, my family is screaming and hugging. And trying desperately to get out, broke a window so my sister could swim out, but I am too big to fit through the window. I try to breathe controlled, but I am scared for my life.

From her perspective: The morning after I called him a dozen times but got no answer. My pulse is rising and all the blood from my body rises to my head, causing me to pass out. My thoughts were extremely loud “where is he? What is he doing? Is he ok? Is he ok? Is he ok?”. I turned on the TV in the hope that the news would tell me anything, and there it is “we found a family in the river today, no survivors.”

I felt paralyzed and numb. His family gave me his sweatshirts and some of his belongings; I got all his books, as a memory. I put on his sweatshirt and read one of his books to feel closer to him. So here I sit, reading our book, the book I first saw him reading. There is something odd about this book, he has highlighted out some words.


Page 109 “I” page 150 “am” page 268 “dying”

My life falls apart, I keep reading

Page 300 “I never thought I could love someone so much I wouldn’t fear death, but here I am”


Tomorrow is prom, what can go wrong?



Del innlegget


I woke up on the day of prom as I got an exciting phone call from Sarah, what an amazing alarm clock.

“OMG TODAY IS THE DAY!” She screams as I am trying to stop my ears from hurting.

“I mean today is prom and your birthday. Aren’t you exited?!” Sarah asks me and I need to take a step back, am I really exited? I mean I am excited about prom, but I have not thought about my birthday at all.
“I mean, I am excited about prom. Like I am going to prom on my birthday with my date, who is drop dead gorgeous.” You can hear her smiling on the other side of the phone, after two seconds she answers with
“Yeah, I mean I am really happy I got a date with David I mean he is so my type and verry nice.”

I agree with her, he is a nice guy. But I would pick my boyfriend over him any day. I mean we have been together for three years. He is so handsome with his fluffy dark-brown hair and has these golden-brown eyes. I say goodbye to Sarah as I hang up the phone. I mean, I have to get ready for school.

As I enter the school gate, I see Allan there with a box of chocolates and hands it to me

“Happy birthday” he says

“By the way this is not your actual birthday present, I have something else for you. You’re going to love it” he says with excitement. I smile at him, and answer him

“But you didn’t have to give me chocolates if you already have another present for later.” He just smiles at me, and I know that smile. That’s the smile he makes when our friends are coming towards us. And that’s when I hear running and a body jumping on top of me, it’s Sarah.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” She screams It into my ear.

“Thank you, Sarah,” I smile as I give her a hug as a thank you, we didn’t have a lot of time before the bell started to ring. That’s when I have to say goodbye to Allan and Sarah, and I headed to class.

Man, I hate math, I mean seriously how dose a Greek symbol mean 3.14? I mean come on, geometry is fine but then there is also algebra and calculus and man that is annoying! As I walked through the door into math class, the class I was just complaining about, when I saw my classmates looking at me. I walk and sit down at my desk. Everyone is whispering, I don’t know what they are whispering about so I asked one of my classmates.
“What’s going on?” I ask her

“I don’t know, everyone is just excited about prom this afternoon.” She answered, but it feels like she is not telling me the truth, I shrug it off as the teacher enters the room.


After long hours of school, I am officially done with school for today and since there is no practice since its prom, I am free! I head over to the park because me and Sarah are supposed to meet up. I get near the park, and I see Sarah, she’s sitting on a bench on her phone texting someone. I tried to sneak a peek of who she was texting, but she wouldn’t let me.

“Who is that?” I ask

“It’s just David, you know the one I am going to prom with” She answered nervously

“I know who David is, should we go home and get ready for prom, it starts at seven and that means we only have four hours left.” She nods as she calms down a bit, but one thing for sure: I don’t think that she was texting David. As me a Sarah started talking on our way home, I am still quite curious about who she was texting. We arrive at my house, I unlock my front door and I can smell my mom’s cooking, I head over and take a bite of the pizza she made and so does Sarah.
“How was school you two?” My mom asks

“It was alright, math was awful as always.” My mom laughs at my answer, I turn my head and see Sarah is a little quieter than usual. And that’s when I had enough, I took her hand and went upstairs to my bedroom. I pushed her on the bed.

“What’s going on?” I ask annoyed

“Nothing, what are you talking about?” She looks shocked

“You have been quiet ever since the park where you were texting “David” which btw I don’t think its him. I don’t want to start a fight so just tell me.” I look at her as she takes some time to answer me.

“I promise that its nothing to important, it’s just something for your birthday and I don’t know if it will arrive today.” I start laughing

“Sarah, you know I don’t care if you get me a present, I mean come on; today is prom!” She smiled and we ended up hugging. We lay on my bed and talked for about an hour. As the hour went by so quickly, we needed to start getting ready. I ran over to my closet and found my red slit-dress. This dress is so beautiful. Sarah gets her baby-pink dress, it’s a puffy dress that fits perfectly on her.

“I love that dress on you!” I say to her

“I know, I mean you were the one who helped me pick it out.” I laugh as I remember when we bought our dresses together a few weeks ago. The time went by so quickly as we got ready that it was already time to leave for prom.

I heard the doorbell, and I already knew who it was. It’s mine and Sarah’s dates. Allan looks like a prince; he has roses in his hands that match my dress and a red tie what looks perfect on him. Is it possible to fall even more in love with him? I don’t know, I guess we will find out. I see David has his pink tie and some pink tulips. That’s when I see Sarah enter the hallway, Sarah and I both curled our hair, but we did our makeup differently. Her light brown hair looks perfect in baby pink, and I have been told by someone very special that my black hair looks very good with some red in it, that’s why I have a flower on the side of my head.

“You look beautiful.” He looks amused he strokes his hands though my hair, I’m surprised that my hair didn’t tangle up.

“Thank you, you look very handsome” I answer, he just smiles as a thank you. That’s when we headed over to the car and started driving to prom. It only took some minutes before we arrived at prom, my car door was opened by Allan, he handed out his hand to me and I took it. We walked into the building with excitement, all four of us.

As we enter the ballroom there are already so many people, everyone looking amazing with their dates and outfits. There are balloons on every corner with flowers and led lights on the wall that says Prom 2022. I heard some music, that’s when Allan and I got a little closer to the music. I look over and see everyone is dancing and having fun. I grabbed Allan’s hand and ran towards the dance floor. We danced and danced. I am still dancing on the dance floor, but then I realize that Allan is gone and so is Sarah. I wonder where they are. I think they probably have something to drink, and they will come back. I continued dancing, until my feet hurt. That’s when I decided to go and sit down for a bit.

I walked over to a table where no one was sitting at, and I took a seat. I look at the beautiful roses on the table and the lights that make them even more beautiful. That’s when I realize the pain in my feet, I look down and I decide to take off my heels, probably not the best idea to wear heels to prom. I decided I will go barefoot and hold on to my heels. I still have not seen Allan or Sarah. I see David sitting on a table a few meters away from me talking to his teammates, but Sarah is not with him. I look around the room and can’t see Allan either. That’s when the air is starting to thicken, and I can’t breathe properly. I must get fresh air. I started walking towards the hallway and that’s when I saw it.

My heart sank into the pit of my stomach I feel as if someone shot me straight through the heart. I see him having his arms around her, kissing her and her as in my best friend.


I wake up from the nightmare and realize that I am home in my bed, this dream felt so real.


THE NIGHT THAT CHANGED MY LIFE written by the person that is hiding in your closet

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There I was crying my eyes out in the hospital with rain pouring down outside the window. This was the craziest day in my life until …

My name is Ivy, I am 16 years old and I live in New Hampshire, USA. I live with my parents George and Amy Miller. I am an only child and right now I’m feeling devastated; my mom has stage three of leukemia. These last few months have been really hard for both mom and I, but I try my hardest to help her. Dad is not always around; he is remarkably busy working. But of course, he makes sure that we have food and a roof above us.

Today, I am in the hospital because mom does not feel well. She is in her hospital bed with machines and needles in her arms. I sit by her bed reading. Suddenly, mom whispers that she wants a snack or something from the shop on the first floor. “Of course,” I say, “it won’t take minute”. I take the elevator to the first floor, and when I come to the shop, I see a healthy protein bar that I know she will enjoy. When I go to grab it a young man at my age reaches for the bar and he realizes that I want it to.” You can have it” he says. “Thank you” I say, “I wouldn’t be a gentleman if a didn’t give a lady her protein bar.” I smile and giggle a little bit. “My name is Noah by the way, maybe you could give me something for the protein bar?” he says with a soft smile “Like what?” I speak. “Maybe your number, I would really like to get to know you better” I say” sure, it is the least I can do.” I pay for the protein bar, and head up to mom. She is incredibly happy for her protein bar; she appreciates every small thing. This is why I love her.

Soon, mom falls back to sleep, and I sit in the waiting area to let her rest. I check my phone when I suddenly hear an alarm go off.  My head turns towards the sound and see a young man in the ambulance stretcher and doctors surrounding him, I studied his face and then I realized that it is Noah from the shop earlier. I am startled and then I jumped up from my seat and rushed my way to Noah. I feel my heart drop, and I need to know what was happening to him. “Are you a family relative? Said the doctor “No, but I am his friend, can you tell me what is happening, is he going to be, okay?” I ask. “I can’t tell you that know, but if you want information just have a seat, I’ll call you up when we have something to tell you.” The doctor said. I took a seat silently and prayed that he was going to be fine.

A few hours later, and I am worried, a doctor comes to me and says I can go in to meet him. I open the door and I see his parents; they are bawling their eyes out and they go out of the room to give me some space. The doctor says” Noah had a severe stroke, he went to surgery, and we helped him, but the unfortunate thing is that he died, this led him to losing his life, I am sorry.”

I wake up from the nightmare and realize that I am home in my bed, this dream felt so real. I am sweaty and my pjs are rolled up to my knees, I get up and head up to the kitchen because mom is hungry. I go into the kitchen, it is dark, raining and extremely quiet. I go upstairs, open the door to mom’s room. I find my mom dead in her room, and I see a man holding a bloody knife beside her. It was Noah from my nightmare…


Note from the unknown….


THE GUNSHOT by Torbjørn

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“Wake up honey, breakfast is ready!” I heard my dad yell from downstairs. “Coming” I said as I threw clothes on me. I opened the curtains and saw the beautiful spring morning. I smiled and went out of my room. As I was walking down the stairs, I noticed a curled-up piece of paper. I opened it and saw an address and a short message on it. Main Street 21, I saw you. It creeped me out a bit, but I just *brushed it off* the note looked normal, except for one thing. On the back was a red splash on it. A dark bloody red color. I took it with me and asked dad about it.

“Dad, what’s this?” I held up the unfolded paper. He turned around and his face quickly turned blank. He grabbed my hand with a grip so hard that he could almost easily break it. It felt like my stomach sank in fear, wondering what more he was able to do. His eyes had turned dark, something inside him had changed – something I’ve never seen. “AAH” I yelled out of pain. “Let go of me”. He loosened his grip and his eyes softened, I pulled my hand away and looked down at it. A hand shaped bruise started appearing. “Where did you get that?” he asked and pulled the note out of my hands. I stood there in disbelief, just looking down at the bruise. “Where did you get that” he asked once again with aggression. “I-I found it on the stairs” I replied quickly. He turned back around and put it in his pocket. I sat down and started eating breakfast shaking off what had just happened. It didn’t taste as usual. “What’s in this?” I asked while pulling out a long strand of hair out of my food. “And where is mom?” I asked with a mouth full of food. “Didn’t she tell you that she is on a business trip, she’ll be back over tomorrow”. “But she’s been gone for so long”, I replied in a trembling and worried voice, since mom usually tells me if she’s going somewhere for longer. “I know, but it’s not my fault” he replied. “I guess, anyways I better be going, or I’ll be late for school”. As I turned around to go out, he grabbed me by my hand once again and said angerly “go home right after school and don’t tell anyone about what you found”. Fear grew in me as his grip tightened. “O-ok”.

I found myself biting my nails as I sat in class, I just could not get my mind off the piece of paper. Then, a memory popped into my mind. I remembered that some days ago I heard my mom talking to my dad, saying that he should go see a psychiatrist. He got mad and threw a glass on the floor. I could sense that mom got scared; the atmosphere was tense. Thinking about this, I got lost in my mind and put my head in my hand. Suddenly, my sleeve slid down my arm. I pulled it up quickly looking around the classroom to see if anyone was watching. There she was, Lily. She is kind but must know everything. She ran up to me with an open mouth and asked me “WHAT IS THAT?” I looked at her and said that I had fallen. We talked, and she talked me into bringing her home with me. Just a little visit. I said that I had to work on an English text, but she insisted.

I walked home with her with a grim on my face. When we got to my house, I opened the door, and we took off our shoes. While I gave her a tour of the house, I noticed that she was looking at everything. Just as if she was looking for something. I could not help but ask “Are you looking for something?”, I was already stressed that mom wasn’t home for so long, and the fact that Lily was here and looking at everything didn’t help. “Oh no, I’m just so intrigued by your house, it’s so big and pretty” It did not seem like she was telling the truth, she seemed kind of off. As we sat in the kitchen, I noticed that she had put something white in her pocket. I did not care about it, as I thought it was something small and worthless. God I really wished that she had already left, I said to myself. As we were walking toward my room, Lily suddenly stopped and said, “sorry but I really have to go home, like right now” “sure thing” I replied in an unpleasant way.

I went back to my room and threw myself on my bed, starting to get anxious just thinking about my mom. She had been gone for so long. I took my phone off my nightstand and scrolled on it, trying to get my mind on something else. Suddenly I got a notification, “Lily just posted on her story”. I clicked on it and saw a picture of the note with the address and the message. “EVERYBODY! Go to Main Street 21 as quickly as possible, probably something creepy there. HAHAHA” I looked at it with fear and stress in my eyes, as I realized it was the note that dad took from me. But he put it in his pocket, did he take it out? Did he get a new piece of paper? I could not help but to try and think of an explanation for how she got that paper from my house.

I snapped out of it and ran down the stairs where I put on my jacket and searched on google maps for the location. I found it and ran as quickly as I could. It was already dark when I got there, but as I looked closer, I saw an abandoned house. Luckily, I found a flashlight on the ground, so I picked it up and turned it on. I flashed it on the house and saw that the white paint was peeling off the walls, broken windows and it was giving off a weird vibe. The house looked like those basic abandoned houses, the ones you’d see in a horror movie. I was relieved to find out that no one was there yet, or so I thought. I looked through one of the broken windows and didn’t see anyone in the house, so I went to the door and opened it.

As I walked in, I could smell a strange smell. A sweet metallic smell, just like blood. I went deeper inside and almost tripped on a chair that was lying on the floor. I directed the flashlight at it and saw that one of the legs was broken midway. I soon realized that there was blood on the broken part. Suddenly I heard footsteps on the gravel just outside of the house. I jumped back in fear and ran out of the house, hiding behind a bush. My hair stood on end as I pictured the scene. I peeked from behind it, but no one was there anymore. I walked towards the back of the house and saw some loose dirt on the ground with a shovel beside it. I went to take a better look, there was a small hole, probably a coyote that was trying to dig something out. I noticed that there were some long blonde hair strands poking out of the hole. As I kneeled to further inspect the hair, someone pushed me down on the ground and held a gun to my head. I didn’t scream or move as I was so shocked and the feeling of being paralyzed grew and grew on my body. I looked up only to realize who it was, it was dad. He threw the gun away from me as he as well realized it was me. I was wondering why he did not recognize me sooner, maybe because I had a hood on. He still looked shocked and angry. “What are you doing here, why did you post that, who did you tell” he screamed with a deep unrecognizable voice.

“Stop!” I screamed whilst he looked at me angerly. “It wasn’t me”, I said shakily. “I know it was you, who else could it be”, he said. The gun was laying on the ground a few meters away from me, I kicked him with my knee in the stomach and he lost his grip. I ran as quickly as I could and took the gun in my hands. I held it with both of my hands, with one finger on the trigger. He got up and stood still. “Don’t do it, I know you don’t want it”, he said. “But you-you», I stuttered so much that I could not finish the sentence. My eyes started tearing up just as I got ready to pull the trigger. BOOM, a gunshot. I opened my eyes and saw dad lying on the ground. I fell on my knees beside him and just sat there while, it felt like I sank into cold grass reaching up my neck. I was in deep shock and didn’t know if I pulled the trigger or not. Blood started pouring out of his wound, I tried to stop it, but I couldn’t. It was too late. I sat there in silence while my vision got blurry from all the tears. Suddenly I heard a car screech and I quicky turned around, in hope that someone was there to help, only to realize that the car had driven away.

I ran home so quickly that I almost fell. Standing over the sink, looking down as the water turned a bloody red. I could not possibly have done it, was it really me? I thought. No, it’s impossible, I didn’t. With bawling eyes, I walked out of the bathroom and kicked a crumbled piece of paper. It was dirty from blood and dirt. I picked it up and read what was written, I know what you did… “But I”


The lifechanging friend.


THE LOTTERY by Jonas Tran Edward

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I rested by Jamie’s shop as usual, it was my favourite day of the weekend; Friday. The day I will talk to Jamie and get my free lottery scratch. I had been waiting for a while now. My brown suit had gotten even more holes in it. I need to find a new one soon I said to myself. This time I had some sandwiches in my backpack. There was a bit of mold but it’s better than nothing I said to myself. I yawned then picked up my patched-up blanket and took it over me to get some warmth, while I was waiting for Jamie.

I almost fell asleep but then I heard Jamie’s footsteps. He said “How is it going Jimmy!” I said a bit cold out on the streets right now”. Have you done anything special today?” Jamie said. I answered “I got enough money to buy some out of date food, so it wasn’t bad. What about you?”. “The business isn’t doing well, I must pay the rent tomorrow, but I don’t have enough. I hope the landlord will take it easy on me although this has happened a few times.” “I hope you will figure it out, you always do it.” Jimmy then gave me a lottery scratch like he does every Friday. “Thank you, but why are you giving me this although you don’t have enough money yourself?” I asked. “I want to help others who need it.” “That’s really kind of you.” “One day I will repay you in some kind of way, I promise.” Jamie said “Sleep well and if you win some money spend it in a good way, sleep well.” “Yes, I will make sure to do that, and goodnight Jamie”. I took the lottery scratch and I begged for ten dollars, it was only once a year I would get that. All the other times I wouldn’t get anything.

I scratch the first one out of the five with my freezing nails. I need three of the same numbers to win. It says ten; maybe this is my lucky day. I had high hopes for this lottery. And then I scratched the second one – and it was another ten! Only one more and I will win some money! I closed my eyes and scratched the last three begging for another ten. I opened my eyes – I didn’t get another ten. But then I realized, the last three numbers say; one million.  Is this true I said to myself! This can’t be real. I rubbed my eyes and looked at it again. And I realized it was true, I jumped around like a tiny child, crying tears of joy.


Erik wakes up in an unknown forest, something is obviously very wrong. He tries to find people who can tell him where he is, when he finds someone, he realises that they’re real vikings. Erik is extremely lost. Will he ever get away from that strange place?



Del innlegget


I feel the sun on my face, it feels nice. I also feel grass beneath me, and I hear birds chirping. “But it’s supposed to be winter” I think to myself. I abruptly open my eyes to see the blue sky. This is not where I fell asleep, I fell asleep in my messy and cold room. Why am I here, am I dead? No. But where am I? I look around to see there are trees and grass and I am still in my pajamas. I get up and look at my surroundings. Am I dreaming? No, that cannot be, you cannot know you are dreaming. I pinched my skin a bit, just to check, I am still here. Here in this mystery forest. I walk around to try and find out where I am. I wonder how this happened. I feel like I should be more worried, but the sun is so nice, so calming to finally get away from the cold and sad winter. But that does mean I am extremely far away from home.

I should try and find civilization to find out where I am. I walk for a while and find a fjord, on the fjord there is a boat! It looks a bit like a Viking ship, maybe it’s like a performance or something. I will try to see where it’s going. I walk along the shore for a while, then off in the distance I see something. I can’t really see it that clearly since I do not have my glasses. I walk closer. It looks like an old village. Like a Viking village. That’s strange. A Viking village in the middle of nowhere, and the boat just makes it even stranger, I just hope there are some people there that can help me. Maybe it’s a summer camp? I walk even closer to see that there are people there. They are aall dressed like Vikings. I really hope this is all just a weird summer camp.

I snuck into the village and hide behind a building while considering if I should go further. Should I try to talk to them? but what if somehow these are real Vikings, I don’t know a lot about them so it might go badly. What’s the worst that could happen? I decide to enter the village and try to talk to someone. There is a guy who looks like he’s also hiding behind a building. If he’s also hiding from them maybe he’s in a situation like mine.

I approache him slowly and silently. He doesn’t seem to see me; he’s focused on spying on the other people there. I gently tap him on the shoulder, he jumps. He turns around to look at me. I try to talk “hey, I think I might be lost, can you t-” “who are you?!” he nervously whispers. “My name is Erik, I think I might be lost-” “why do you look like that, are you one of the mountain people?!”. I take a deep breath in and out” listen my name is Erik I’m not one of the “mountain people” and I think I might be-” he interrupts me again “then who are you?” “Please for the love of Odin stop interrupting me and I already told you that my name is Erik and I’m lost. please tell me where I am.” he sighs a breath of release “so you’re not here to kill me” “why would I want to kill you?” “Something tells that you’re not from around here.” ”I’m not, I’m lost». «I’ll show you where you are if you put on this cloak and follow me”. I put on the cloak even though I am a bit sceptical but I did wake in a random forest somewhere so I’ll take any help I can get.

He takes me too a mountain next to the village, so we get a view of the city. “there is a people who lives in the mountains they are born with magical powers they are naturally more powerful than us Vikings and our chief Grimmalkin wants to be more powerful than the mountain people so he asked an oracle to give him a vision, the vision said that there will be a traveller from far away that hold power and that they will teach us that power». «Why are you telling me this I mostly just want to know where I am” I say in confusedly. He sighs “you are not from here are you” “no” “and there is a-” mid thru his sentence he’s interrupted by rustling in the bushes. Then there is someone yelling:” they’re here!”. Then many Vikings come rushing out and we are surrounded by them. A short man with a braided beard starts speaking his voice is deep and powerful: “I finally caught you Einar, you can’t run any more. Thank you for taking care of the special one but I think well take care of it from here on.”. Einar quickly takes something out of his pocket and throws it towards the ground. When it hits the ground, it makes the sound of braking glass and smoke pores everywhere so that I can’t see anything. “I’m sorry Erik” its Einar’s voice. «what is going on?” I say in a panicked tone. Suddenly I feel a sharp pain in my neck and then everything goes black.

I wake up on the floor, I sit up to see where I am. I look to be in some Viking house. Behind me a voice starts speaking “you’re finally awake”. I turn around to see who it is, it’s the short Viking with the braided beard. «I am Grimmalkin this villages chief”.my head hurts «where am I, and where is Einar?». «do you know who Einar really is? He is a criminal, he steals, and he lies, all he does is hurt people. ” what, no, then why did he help me” “he wanted your magic all to himself” “my magic? I don’t have any magic” “did he tell you the myth?” “yes” “you are the traveller that is going to teach us magic” “but I don’t have any magic I think you might have the wrong guy” I say nervously. «you mysteriously appear dressed in weird clothes only sometime after I asked an oracle.” “that is just a coincidence” “lets find out shall we? Come with us on the fjord and perhaps you will see them clearly” “hm I don’t know maybe its worth a try.”

Grimmalkin brings me and some other Vikings to the boat I saw earlier. The boat has to be rowed manually for a bit before the sail caches the wind. When I think about it I don’t exactly know where we are going or what we are doing, were probably just going fishing or something. We sail for a while before we stop. Suddenly all the Vikings gather around me then Grimmalkin starts speaking:” you know you’re pretty naïve.” “what” I say panicked “I lied about the myth” “what” I repeat in the same panicked tone. The Viking start getting closer. «I didn’t lie about the magic but you can’t just teach it you have to be born with it or gain it some other way, what the oracle actually said was too sacrifice the traveller to the monster of the fjord.” again I repeat :“what” it’s all I can utter before they begin to tie my arms and legs together. They push me too the edge of the boat, then Grimmalkin shouts something I do not understand, it sounds like Norse. Suddenly the water starts to bubble and up from the water comes this horrifying creature with beady black eyes and dark red scales. It opens its gigantic mouth and starts closing in. On the inside of its mouth is just rows and rows of teeth. It closes its mouth around me and drags me into the water. It digs its sharp teeth into my skin, it hurts, it hurts a lot. It lets go and I sink. It’s cold the water is cold. I lose consciousness. When I gain consciousness again, I feel drops on my face, and I hear waves. I open my eyes and see the grey sky. «I’m alive.” I stand up even though I am in pain. «I’m back, back in the real world.”. I’m on a beach that is pretty close to my apartment, I don’t bother going to the hospital. I enter my apartment I’m lucky I forgot to lock the door. And here I am again, back I’m my cold, dark room. I lie down on my bed and close my eyes and fall asleep.


I wish I was like her, hourglass body and drop-dead gorgeous…


THE RECIPE OF LOVE by Karianne Marit

Del innlegget


It was getting harder to breathe every day, harder to sleep every night and to shower my whole body. It was also almost impossible to get myself and my body out of my head. So, I used to sometimes stay home from school, eat all day long, thinking about how I wasn’t hungry but that food tasted so well.

In my head my mom is the opposite of me, hourglass figure and drop-dead gorgeous. I wish I were like her. Her hair is chestnut brown and she haves the most beautiful outstanding personality ever. I am the opposite. I look like my mom. But I am also very different. I am quite shy and hidden. My mom always tells me I am beautiful, but that is what all mothers say, right?

I live in a two-person apartment with my mom and my little dog that is named Layla. She used to my only friend, that is, until I one day got friend in biology class when she added me on snapchat. I didn’t use snapchat that much since my only friend on there used to be my mom, so this was a nice surprise. Soon, we started having small talks in class.

Her name is Sarah, and we were talking about biology homework and what college we dreamt about attending. After a few days we started going over to each other’s houses telling each other more stuff about ourselves. After a while she told me that the hottest guy in school Tyler was her brother. This was a total surprise!

Tyler is cool. He has brown hair and blue eyes. He can reach the ceiling and always he wears his caps the wrong way. When we went to Sarah’s house after school, he would usually make something in the kitchen. I was a bit in love, and Sarah knew it. His room was right next to Sarah’s, so when he was playing on his Xbox he would yell and scream. “Sorry” Sarah said annoyed.

One day when Sarah and had lunch in the cafeteria, Tyler came up to our table. Even though I thought he was just going to ignore me and tell Sarah something that was not important at all, my heart still skipped a beat. Surprisingly, though, he turned around to me. I was confused and I looked at Sarah. She was just as confused as I was. He said “hey, you look nice today” and walked off with his cool friends.

I was too stunned to speak, I just sat there for a good two minutes with my yaw open and stared at a point on the wall, trying to figure out what had just happened. Sarah was a bit grossed out, but she saw how happy it made me, so she let it slide. “As long as you are still my friend” Sarah said while she smirked at me.

That night I couldn’t sleep. The only thing I could think about was Tyler, Tyler, Tyler. But then I stopped for a minute. How could he like me? Or even compliment me? I do not look pretty; I hate myself. I hate my thighs, my belly, my arms, my legs, my face. Everything. And how could someone like me if I didn’t even like myself? In a week it was prom, but I was not even thinking of going. Why would I?

However, after three long days of Sarah asking me to go non-stop, I finally agreed. We went prom shopping the next day. Sarah found a dress right away, but I was a bit unsure. What if I look too fat? What if I look like I try too hard? What if I make a mistake? “But as long as Sarah is with me”, I thought to myself, “I will be ok”.  Soon, I too found a dress that I really liked. It was light pink and darker at the bottom with flowers. I looked at the price tag and it was 100 dollars. I did not really have the courage to ask my mom since it was only me and her. So, I used some of my piggybank money that I was saving up for college.

We got the dresses and went home to Sarah’s. It smelled good in her house; it reminded me of Tyler. “NO, stop, enough about Tyler”, I said to myself”, he only gave me a compliment! He does not like me”. Sarah and I talked about how good prom was going to become, and that we would sleep over at Sarah’s house after prom was over.

In next to no time, the day was here; I was ready, and I thought that I looked beautiful, which made me excited. We got to the prom and even though neither of us had a date we felt fine -we were just there for the food and dancing. “And I may just have a sneak peek of Tyler”, I thought to myself”, without telling Sarah.

And there he was, he looked so good. He had his suit on and glanced at me. “There he is” I said with a light tone. “What” Sarah said and turned her head. “Uhm nothing!” I said – I did not know that I said that aloud. Sarah and I had a blast. We danced and sang to Mamma Mia all night long. After a while, I needed water and air. “Wait here” I said to Sarah. I went out into the hall, and Tyler was looking at his phone. I stopped, but quickly realized I needed to start walking again before I looked like an idiot. Suddenly, he looked up at me; he looked at my dress and smiled. My heart stopped beating, but my body started to walk, slowly, very slowly. I got my water and started walking back. I walked closer to him. And still terribly slow. I was getting closer to him; he was still looking at his phone. And I walked past him, but then he grabbed my arm

“You’re really beautiful, and I think I’m in love with you” he said looking right in my eyes. WHAT!? I just looked at him. “I need you to say something” he said “. “I like you too, Tyler” I said with a squeaky voice, but I cannot do this to Sarah. “She already knows, I talked to my mom about you, and she walked past mom’s room, but she said it’s fine” he said like it was nothing. “YOU TALKED ABOUT ME TO YOUR MOM?” I said felt if the butterflies in my belly were about to pop out of me. “You want to dance with me?” he said. “I’d love too” I said, as I was about to cry.

We danced the whole night and soon it is our two-month anniversary. I couldn’t be happier!


Detective Anna Wurth is an experienced investigator who has seen it all. But when she’s assigned to a case involving a serial killer who preys on children, she finds herself facing a challenge unlike any other. To make matters worse, Anna is also the mother of a child with cancer, and must balance the demands of her job with the needs of her sick son. With the clock ticking and her people’s safety on the line, Anna must use all her skills and experience to catch the killer before it’s too late. But at what cost?


THE SICK SHALL BE CLEANSED by Martin Dyvik Cardona

Del innlegget


“Anna Wurth, Detective Seargent in the Criminal Investigation Department.” Anna found it annoying that she had to state her name every time she entered work. The new security measures were a real pain, but she understood. Her line of work required it. Understanding things is a big part of being a detective, which was exactly why she was a perfect fit for the job. She entered the building and sat down at her desk. It had heaps of paperwork on it, which she wasn’t exactly thrilled to start on. A familiar voice called out to her.

“Anna, good to see you. Your kid doing OK?” The chief was a kind man, if a bit clumsy. Traits that are uncharacteristic for a man of his title. “Yeah, he’s doing good. The chemotherapy has taken a toll on him, but he’ll power through.” “Good to hear, Anna. Listen, I’m gonna be out of town for a while and I have an interesting case on my hands. You’ve proven yourself to be a very capable woman, and I know you haven’t had a lot of cases lately. So, I was wondering if you’d like to take over for me while I’m gone?” “What’s the case about?” Anna asked. “Well, I can’t officially tell you any details about the case unless you’re assigned to it.” Anna thought for a moment. Maybe she shouldn’t take on new work with a child with cancer at home. She really did want some excitement, though. After all, what’s the worst that can happen?

“Alright, I’ll take the case” she said. “Great! We don’t have any time to waste, let’s get to it.” He led her through to the other side of the building, to a metal door. There was something strange about it, however. There was an electronic lock on the outside of the door. The inside of the door was smooth as glass. The chief opened the door and it slowly swung open to reveal a large room with a bulletin board at the end. The board had a few pieces of paper connected, but nothing advanced. It seemed like the case was a fairly recent one. “This will be the room that we use for all matters related to the case,” The chief said. Anna was growing impatient over what the case actually was, but she waited still. “Now,” the chief said, “I haven’t even told you what the case is about yet.” he chuckled to himself. As he opened his mouth to speak, he looked down at his wristwatch, and his expression quickly changed.

“Dammit! My flight’s leaving in 10 minutes! Listen, uh- just, just read the files on the table over there and you’ll soon be ready to get started!” Before Anna even got to say a word, The chief spun around, briefcase in hand, and bolted out the door. The room turned deathly silent, with the exception of the constant buzzing of the fluorescent lights. She turned to the table with the files. There was a large red classified stamp on the cover. She took a deep breath as she opened the first one.


Identity: Lisa Hardman

Age: 11

Sex: female

Estimated time of death: 11:00 PM Oct 12

Cause of death: Asphyxiation and/or blood loss

Location: Washington


The file seemed to contain information about a murder victim, only a child. There were pictures of the body from different angles. Although, one of the pictures contained something strange. Beside the body, there was a strange mark, or symbol of some kind. It looked like a “V” with a swirl at the end, drawn in blood. Anna was used to seeing images of this nature before, so she didn’t gag or enter shock, but she had to admit she was still getting unsettled by this. Plus, she had never been assigned to a case with child murders. She took one of the pictures of the symbol and put it on the bulletin board. Also, the girl was apparently suffering from an illness, most likely a flu of some sort. There were no murder weapons at the scene, and no fingerprints except for the girl’s.

Before she could open the next file, her phone vibrated in her pocket. She looked at the screen. Jonathan stood on the screen in black text on a white background. Her son. She answered the phone. “Hey Jonathan! Are you feeling OK today?” “I feel better today,” A young boy’s voice said. “I was just wondering if you have bought my birthday present yet, I can’t wait!” Anna laughed. “You know that’s a secret, Jon. You’re only turning nine, only adults are allowed to know what their birthday present is!” “Ok, then.” Jonathan said with a disappointed voice. He hadn’t celebrated anything in a long time because of his cancer. Then again, Christmas wouldn’t have been great anyways considering they lived in South California, which isn’t exactly known for snow. They both said their goodbyes, and Anna hung up. She looked up at the walls. They had a strange pattern on them that she recognized, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it.

She opened the next file.


Identity: unknown

Age: estimated 10

Sex: male

Estimated time of death: 04:00 AM Oct 27

Cause of death: head trauma

Location: Oregon


This file had information about another victim, a boy. his features unrecognizable. The pictures were more gruesome than the last. However, beside his body was drawn the same symbol as before. Is this the mark of a serial killer? She thought. But that was not all. Under the symbol, was a message written in the boy’s blood:

The sick shall be cleansed

“Interesting” Anna thought to herself. She thought back to the previous victim, who was ill with the flu. Interestingly, this boy was also concluded by the forensic pathologists to have suffered from an illness. a fever. Her thought process was interrupted by her phone ringing in her pocket once again. Again, it was Jonathan who called. “Hello? Jon I’m working right now, what is it?” “I’m sorry mom, I just want you to come home on time, I don’t like being alone.” “Don’t worry Jon, I’ll be home very soon. Please don’t call me again unless it’s absolutely necessary, goodbye.” “Goodbye mom.” Anna was getting a little bit irritated. She understood that Jonathan was only nine, but she didn’t like her workflow and focus being interrupted.

The next file was about another little boy. He was found in northern California. These murders were getting closer and closer to where she lived. California is a big state though, so she didn’t put a lot of thought into it. The same symbol by the body. She was going through the files much faster now, analyzing them and getting information with high efficiency. The murders were only a few days apart, and there were no fingerprints, or hairs, or any evidence to suggest who might be the perpetrator. She wondered how the serial killer could travel so fast between states. She went through file after file, looking for any clues. There were cryptic messages beside many of the bodies, the most common one being “The sick shall be cleansed”, and sure enough, all of the victims were sick. With each murder, the killer went further and further south.

“What is that pattern on the walls?” Anna said to herself. She could swear she had seen it before, but she just couldn’t remember where, and it was frustrating her. She went back to the files. She sensed she wasn’t making much progress. She needed more focus. So, she continued scanning all of the paper, the non-stopping heap of paper. She felt a vibrating in her pocket once again, but this time she didn’t answer. It was probably Jonathan at home, spooked by every little shadow. She couldn’t afford to lose her focus now. The ringtone faded into the background while Anna focused on her work. She was getting desperate now. No new clues at all. She looked and looked, barely aware of the incessant ringing in her pocket. The only difference between each of the murders was the location. Until the most recent one was 1 kilometer from Anna’s house.

The panic set in quickly. “How could I be so stupid!?” she thought. She desperately reached for her phone in her pocket, but the once incessant ringtone was there no more. She called Jonathan. For minutes she called. No response. She turned to the door to race home. Except the door was not open anymore. She sprinted to it, kicking, beating and screaming at it, trying to find anything to grab on to, but it was smooth as glass. How could no one hear her? She was still in the building! And that was when she remembered what the pattern on the walls was. “Soundproofing! No!” That was what it had been! If only she’d remembered it! She kept trying, screaming at the infinitely small slit between the door and the wall, until she heard a click from the door. She stepped back. It opened. And behind it, was the chief.

“Thank God you’re here! I was stuck, I need to get home! Why didn’t you tell me th-” “Don’t worry, Anna. I’m here.” Anna went to go past him, out the door, but he didn’t budge. “No, you don’t understand, I have to get home!” she said. “I know how much you want to go home, Anna.” he said. “But let’s talk first.” His voice was oddly calm, as if he didn’t hear the panic in her voice. “What are you doing?” Anna asked. She was extremely confused. Until she wasn’t.

“No!” she screamed, sprinting towards him, ready to attack, until an outstretched hand gripping a sleek black pistol made her reconsider her decision. “Sit down, Anna.” He said. “Please tell me! Is my boy OK?” her boy. Her only boy. “Why are you rushing everything?” The killer responded. “Don’t you find the suspense fun?” he giggled. “You have to admit, I was quite clever. You didn’t notice a thing!” He was so entertained, he even lowered his gun. Anna quickly stood up again, but his reflexes were quick. “Ah, ah, ah” she sat back down, and this time, he tied her up to the chair. “Stay there” he said, as he turned around and left the room, closing the door behind him.

Anna stayed like that for a while. She was consumed by racing thoughts. She didn’t even know if her own son was alive. She never knew if I’d killed him. The police are approaching my house. I’m not scared. I had a good run.


I kept running, as fast as I could. They were right behind me, whoever they were.


Del innlegget


I kept running, as fast as I could. They were right behind me, whoever they were. I didn’t have much time to look behind me, or they’d catch up with me. I took my chances and looked back for a split second to just get a glimpse of them and saw that there were three people running behind me with a kind of gun each. It could be the police, maybe the guys from the alleyway? They seemed to have color on their clothes, colors one of the ones I mentioned would have. But all I knew for certain. Was that I had to keep running, down the streets, over cars and through the alleyways to escape from the people chasing me.

“Get back here” I heard from an angry voice behind me, most likely confirming them to be the alleyway guys. I ignored their call and kept running and threw a pebble I quickly grabbed back at them, hearing a low “Aah”. Then I heard a gunshot, barely missing my head. I whipped up a needle from my pocket I luckily grabbed earlier. I threw it back, hoping it would hit. I heard more gunshots when I turned right into an alleyway and pushed back a dumpster to block the way for the guys behind me when I heard a louder shot, seemingly coming from a different direction.

I didn’t see where it landed or came from, but I knew the men in black suits were here, sniping from above. I turned at the corner of the alley, still running and dodging bullets, when I saw a dead end. “Why don’t I have a gun?” I thought to myself while panting from all the running, “I’d be so much easier with a gun”. I stopped and looked for a way to escape when I hear the angry voice again, “Stop right there,” slowly turning calmer when he sees where I have ended up, “and this will be much easier for me, and for you.”

I panicked, still looking for an escape route. “Look what we have here,” the man said with a grin on his face. “Me and my gang have hunted you down for about three years now, and this is how we caught you, a dead end!” laughing in an evil way. “BOYS!” he said out of nowhere, “How do you want this little RAT! to pay for what he has done?” turning around to see what they have to say. The two guys behind him looked at each other before looking back at him and just raising their shoulders at the same time. “I don’t know,” said one of them, “I never thought we’d get this far,” said the other. The leader of the two looked at them with an annoyed look on his face before turning to me and pointing a gun to my face, sending chills down my spine. “Guess we’ll do this in the classic way of gun to the face,” he said with a little disappointment. I closed my eyes, relaxed my body, sat down on the ground and let whatever he was going to do happen. It seemed like this was my time to go, after all this time of running from everything. After all this time…


His confused face immediately turned in to a worried one and asked, “What did you do to the kids?”. I wasn’t sure what to answer so I just stared at him…


Del innlegget


I’m Maria or as the folk here call me, La Llorona. I used to have a perfect life. I had a husband and three kids, although my husband didn’t really want kids, we still got them. We loved each other, the kids were happy, I was happy and my husband… was kind of happy.

One day I got pregnant with our third child. Everyone I knew was excited for me. I was so happy, but my husband started to act strange. He always came home very late and didn’t want to kiss me anymore. The day I gave birth was the day he left me; I came home to an empty house with his belongings gone, I was devastated and ended up falling into depression.

One day I saw him with another woman, they were getting married, and I got angry I didn’t want some ugly women to take my man. In rage I took my children and said we would take a walk. When we came to a lake, I threw them in so they could drown. Afterwards, I went straight to my ex-husband and said I didn’t have kids anymore and that we could be together again.

His confused face immediately turned in to a worried one and asked, “What did you do to the kids?”. I wasn’t sure what to answer so I just stared at him. Even with no words he somehow found out what I did and gave me the most disgusted look and told me “I will never remarry a woman who kills her own children”, turned around and left.

I fell into despair, not only had I lost my husband but my kids too. I was completely alone, and it was my own fault. I went back to look for my children and hoped they were somehow still alive. With years of looking for them, I finally died myself, but even though I passed away I didn’t get to rest: the heavens forbid me from passing through until I found my children.

So here I am, looking and searching, screaming, and crying their names but I haven’t found a single trace. I just want to find them. I miss them, and I need them. I have become a myth to the people that live here. My cries are the reason for my name. La Llorona translates to The weeping woman, but I don’t care, all I care about is to find my dear children.


She is so beautiful; her smile just melts your heart. It is like your heart is skipping a beat whenever she’s around. She has the nicest brown eyes in the world and long curly brown hair. Dad started the car and drove to my school….

THE LAST DANCE by Mr. Anonymous

Del innlegget


I didn’t want to tell my dad the reason I overslept. It was because I was dreaming of this girl Stacy. She is so beautiful; her smile just melts your heart. It is like your heart is skipping a beat whenever she’s around. She has the nicest brown eyes in the world and long curly brown hair. Dad started the car and drove to my school. I looked out of the window it was still sunny with some clouds in the sky. We stopped at a red light as I faded away and closed my eyes thinking of Stacy, the car stopped. I opened my eyes and looked around. We were at my school as I opened the car door, I saw my friend Jack and quickly said goodbye to my dad and walked to Jack. “What’s up?” I said. He responded, “Nothing much” with a smile. I smiled back and we walked into the school building.

In the hallway I saw Stacy and I could smell the sweet perfume that she had on. We walked by her and I and said, “good morning”, she looked back at me and said good morning with her beautiful smile. Me and Jack continued walking to class. I sat down on my desk and Jack sat next to me. The bell rang. The First and second period were so boring I almost slept through it. Then the teacher came with an announcement that we were going to have a prom this evening. Everyone got loud and excited. After that the ball rang for lunch. Me and Jack went to the cafeteria and on the way, Jack said I should ask Stacy to the prom. I was unsure if she was going to say yes. We talked some more, and I finally got the courage to ask her. I saw her and walked towards her. I felt my heart breathing faster and faster as I approached her. I felt really hot, like I had been running a marathon.

“Hey Stacy” I said. “Hey Miles” she responded. “I was just wondering if you have someone to go to the prom with”? “Oh”, she said. “I am going with Marcus”. “Marcus”, I repeated. The guy that bullied me since kindergarten. I hated him. He was the biggest kid in kindergarten. He always pushed me around because I was skinny and small.

As I got louder in the cafeteria, Marcus was suddenly there.  “Hey kid, give me your lunch money before I get angry” he said. I didn’t know what else to do than give him what he wanted. Suddenly I could hear a grown man’s voice: “No, Marcus, stop!” It was the principal. He had overheard the conversation and seen everything and yelled at Marcus to stop. The principal walked over to us and said, “Marcus meet me at my office”. The room was dead quiet, and everyone stared at Marcus. After that the bell rang and people started to get up and go to their next classes.

After two more boring hours it was time to go home. I waited for Jack right outside and soon we found out that Marcus got suspended and was not allowed to go to prom. Suddenly, I felt someone walking behind me. As I turned around it was Stacy. “Hey Miles, since Marcus got suspended, I was wondering if you want to go to prom with me,” she said. As I heard that I felt so excited that I just stared at her. “Hey? Miles is everything ok?” she asked. “Oh yeah, everything is ok” I answered. “So, do you want to go with me?” she asked again. “Yes”, I said with the biggest smile ever and then I hurried home to dress up for the best night ever.